Selling Your Home

Setting a Price

In order to maximize the sales price of your home, it is important to set the price correctly from the start. If you start with a price that is too high, most buyers won't even look at your house, and you might miss the opportunity to find a perfect buyer who was willing to pay a very good price. Also, if the price is too high, other real estate agents probably won’t suggest your house to their clients. After all, they are trying to find a fair deal for their clients.

The best way to determine real estate values is by analyzing recent comparable sales in your area, preferably in the same neighborhood. This method works especially well in North Jackson neighborhoods where most of the homes in a subdivision were built around the same time, with similar quality of construction. A price-per-square-foot analysis is normally most accurate, but you must make sure you are using accurate data. Using comparable sales analysis, we can predict current market value and give you a good range of expectations.

If your house is clean, neat, and well-maintained, I will always recommend that we shoot for the highest end of this range, and make sure you get the maximum price possible for your home. We will agree upon a list price and expected sales price before your house goes on the market.

Call me if you would like me to do a price analysis for your home before we start the process.

Don’t put too much faith in internet sites which offer a quick estimate of the value of your home. I have seen estimates which are way too high and way too low. Those estimates are created using tax records and other publicly available sales data, which aren't always accurate. Some of the reported sales prices don’t consider seller concessions. When you work with a realtor, you will get always get accurate and up-to-date information, including accurate sales prices.


Once we are ready to list your house for sale, we will need photographs. Online “virtual tours” have become so popular that most buyers expect to see photos of your house before they ever decide to come for a visit. It is important to make a good first impression, and to have good internet exposure. Social media posting and advertising have also become a very important part of my real estate marketing campaigns.

Listing with a real estate professional works because your house gets maximum exposure almost immediately. As soon as your listing is entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), every other agent in town (several hundred agents) will instantly see your home for sale in the system. Each of those agents is probably working with buyers who are looking for a home. Within days, your information will automatically be available on all the major websites where the general public can search for homes.

Personal Attention

When you hire me to list your home, I will work with you personally until the home is sold. Some agents accept listings, and then assign the work to be done by an assistant. I often hear complaints that clients can never talk directly with their real estate agent. 

I will be personally involved in every aspect of the process, from preparing the paperwork, to developing a marketing plan, communicating with other agents, negotiating a contract, and even attending the closing. Our office has support staff to help with the technical side of things, but you will always be able to communicate with me directly.

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